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    Legal notices are usually used for public record information, such as a public notice for a zoning or planning meeting, or a public notice for an auction of real estate. Legal notices are also used in the newspaper to announce lawsuits, public record information, such as a public notice for a zoning or planning meeting, and public auctions. If you are looking for a legal notice ad in the newspaper, then you are in the right place. "

    Legal notices are just one of the many different types of public notices that are found in newspapers.

    Notices in the newspaper are used to inform the public when a court hearing is being held, when a bill is going to be introduced in the legislature, when a local government body is holding a public hearing, or when a city or county is having a special event. In the India, legal notices are classified into two categories, general notices and public notices. General notices are used to inform the public about various events that may concern them, such as the sale of an apartment building, the closing of a bank, etc. Public notices are used to inform the public about various legal proceedings that are being conducted in the area, such as a foreclosure sale, a lawsuit, etc. In some cases, legal notices are required even if they don’t pertain to a public notice.

    How to Book Public Notice Ad Online for Newspaper

    Classified Text Ads:

    Classified Text Ads is a great resource to reach a wide audience and build a large database of quality prospects. It is also cost-effective as compare to other advertising in Newspaper. There is special section for Classified ads in Newspaper. You can make your Public Notice ad more decorative by changing background color, border style, text format and by selecting font to attract the user’s attention . You can also use Paragraphs to increase the readability of your ad. The publication charge you on numbers of lines you ad in publice notice ad.

    Classified Display Ads:

    Classified Display Ads are great option for those who want to target a specific audience. This option is paid on ad basis per square centimetre. You can use design elements, color, photograph to enhance your display ads.

    Public Notice Advertisement in Times of India at Lowest Rates

    Times of India Public Notice Ad Rates 2022

    TOI Edition ADVOCATE
    Public Notice
    Ad Rates
    Public Notice
    Ad Rates
    Classified Display
    Ad Rates
    TOI Metro Editions
    Mumbai ₹ 1370 / sqcm ₹ 4280 / sqcm ₹ 400 / sqcm
    Delhi ₹ 1120 / sqcm ₹ 3380 / sqcm ₹ 540 / sqcm
    Bangalore ₹ 840 / sqcm ₹ 2295 / sqcm ₹ 650 / sqcm
    Pune ₹ 415 / sqcm ₹ 1200 / sqcm ₹ 240 / sqcm
    Chennai ₹ 270 / sqcm ₹ 885 / sqcm ₹ 490 / sqcm
    Kolkata ₹ 505 / sqcm ₹ 1560 / sqcm ₹ 375 / sqcm
    Hyderabad ₹ 200 / sqcm ₹ 925 / sqcm ₹ 175 / sqcm

    Public Notice ad for cases:

    • Board Meeting Notice
    • Agm Notice
    • Postal Ballot Notice
    • Divorce Notice
    • Gift Notice
    • Demand Notice
    • H Form Notice
    • C Form Notice
    • Summons Notice
    • Court Notice
    • Ufr / Afr Notice
    • E Auction Sale Notice
    • Share certificates lost
    • Purchase/Sale of Property
    • Claim against legal heirs of the property
    • Lost your essential documents

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    Steps to Placing a Legal Notice in the newspaper

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    • Contact Us for placing legal notice ads.
    • Give us details regarding your advertisement.
    • Select template ad or we can customise your ad as per your requirement.
    • Now select date when you want to publish your ad.
    • After getting your approval we publish your ad on selected date, city and selected newspaper.
    • Your ad will appear in the newspaper.
    • You will received soft copy of your ad by E-mail.