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    About Public Notice Advertisement

    Public Notice Ad Booking Online

    Public Notice ads Consultancy services is Newspaper Ad Booking Service Specialist only in Notice Category. As Name Suggest we only book All types of Public & Tender Notice Ads for all leading & Local Newspapers in India. We are Decade Old in the Marketing & Strive our best to Offer unmatchable Price & services – We Offer

    Public Notices Are Important

    The main purpose of Public Notice Ads is to display important information about government activities and other business-related activities, in places where it is most likely that the public will notice, so people can make informed decisions.

    Types of Public Notices

    There are three types of public notices like citizen participation, business and commerce, and court notices.

    Other Notice Types


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    Public Notice Advertisement Rates 2022 in Newspaper

    Now Book Public Notice Ads in Newspapers in Any Cities of India Online Starts from 750/- onwords

    As we Publish Public Notice ad in Mumbai . Maharashtra , we publish public notice ad in all cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana ,Surat, Kolkatta Other cities all over India.

    What is a Procedure For Obtaining Duplicate Share Certificate From Housing Society?

    Public Notice for Society Share certificate lost :

    If your Original Society Share Certificate is stolen or lost or misplaced you need a Duplicate share certificate, here we see in detail the procedure for obtaining Duplicate Share Certificate from the Housing Society. It will take approximately 15-20 days to complete the procedure and you will get a duplicate share certificate.

    • Step1.Firstly FIR should be registered to your local police station and mention that your Original Share Certificate issued by the Society has been misplaced, lost or stolen. Keep one copy of FIR with you.
    • Step2.Then make an application to the Society for a reissue Duplicate Share Certificate as the original share certificate has been misplaced, stolen, or lost. Attached FIR copy with application with Indemnity Bond on Stamp Paper of Rs.200/- to the Society agreeing to indemnify the Society for all costs and expenses with regards to the issue of a Duplicate Share Certificate.
    • Step3.After getting approval from the Managing Committee of the society, they publish Loss of share certificate advertisement in two Local Newspapers. The cost of the ad starts from 750/- onwards, depending on the Newspaper and city you select to publish the public notice ads. From the date of issue of Public Notice if there is no objection received within fifteen days then Society proceeds further to issue the Duplicate Share Certificate.

    What is cost of Public Notice Ad in Times of India Newspaper?

    Times of India Public Notice Ad Rates for All over India in Metro Cities

    • Times of India Public Notice Ad Booking Rates in Mumbai is Rs. 400 for 3*5 .
    • Times of India Public Notice Ad Booking Rates in Delhi is Rs. 540 for 3*5 .
    • Times of India Public Notice Ad Booking Rates in Bangalore is Rs. 650 for 3*5 .
    • Times of India Public Notice Ad Booking Rates in Kolkata is Rs. 375 for 3*5 .
    • Times of India Public Notice Ad Booking Rates in Ahemadabad is Rs. 335 for 3*5 .
    • Times of India Public Notice Ad Booking Rates in Pune is Rs. 240 for 3*5 .

    What is Freepress Journal Public Notice Advertisement Rates 2022?

    Freepress Journal Public Notice Advertisement Rates 2022

    • Freepress Journal Public Notice Ad Booking Rates in Mumbai is Rs. 84 for 4*5 .
    • Freepress Journal Public Notice Ad Booking Rates in Indore+bhopal is Rs. 120 for 4*5 .

    How to book Public Notice Advertisement online in Newspaper?

    Public Notice ads published in newspaper under Classified Text & Classified Display format.

    Classified Text looks smaller than Classified Display and less cost as not used decorative elements so looks simple. You select as per your requirementst.

    Fill the form and send us your details for Public Notice Ads.

    We will send you ad format, after finalizing format we compose Public Notice Ad for you.

    After making payment , Your Public Notice ad will be published on your selected Date and Newspaper.

    You will received softcopy by Email of your advertisement.

    Kindly speak with our assistant on 9699606000 for exact Discount available for Public Notice Ads.

    Do I need to provide any documents to publish a Public notice ad?

    As per government rules, a public notice ad has to be release in a local and English newspaper. Therefore it is necessary to do a public notice ad when buying a property or regarding anything to do with legal matters etc. The best person to approach for a public notice ad is a lawyer

    • Affidavit from lawyer for Giving Public Notice ad in Newspaper
    • Your Id Verification like Aadhaar Card / Voter id or any government id
    • Format of Public Notice Ad

    What is Public Notice Ad Format in newspaper?

    Public Notice Format

    Public Notice Advertisement have specific format as per requirement. You can check sample template on our website. For Legal Notice Advocate affidavit will require they will provide you specific format on letterhead to publish in newspaper. Speak once to our team so we can guide you a better way at 9699606000.

    Legal Notice is the Intimation of your grievance, it contains the following points.

    • Your details like name , address and your clarification to the other party about legal notice
    • Other party details like name and address whom you want to send legal advocate notice
    • Detail clarification about your case.
    • State the relief in detail you want.
    • Give decent time trame in which you want reply.
    • Lawyer and your valid signature.

    Public Notice Ads for Lost and Found

    I Lisa Mathew hereby declare that my Registration Certificate no. xxvi-1155 dt.20..1.2000 (Nurse)and Registration Certificate No. xxvi-1155 dt.20..1.2000 (Mid Wife) has been lost by me hence request the Registrar, Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai to issue me Duplicate copies of those certificate.

    Check Public Notice Ad samples

    How long it takes to advertise Public Notice ad ?

    In case your ad content (whatever you want to advertise) is ready, we can complete the task within an hour’s time. The same ad we can get it published in the next day’s newspaper, if you so wish.

    Kindly speak with our assistant on 9699606000 for any doubt regarding Public Notice Ads.

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