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Reasons For Name Change In India

Name Change In Gazette

Change Of Name After Marriage In Gazette

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How To Legally Change Religion In Gazette

Change Of Name Due To Adoption

Change Of Name / Surname Due To Divorce

Change Of Name Due To Astrology & Numerology

Change Of Name Due To Change Of Sex / Gender


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Gazette Sample for Change of Name Maharashtra

You can check here sample of Gazette Change Of Name publish in Maharashtra Click Here

Also you can check e-Publishing - e-Gazette here.

Newspaper Name Change ad format for passport

I, ABC Bali RUPKAMAL Estate, have changed my name to ABC Kumar forever.

Kalpesh R/o Gawahati, KALKATTA 600013 have changed my name to Kapil Varma forever as per affidavit dated 10.11.21

I, Jatin Gowda S/o TRIPURA COMPLEX, BANGLORE Pin-560063 have changed my name to Yashvardhan Agarwal for all future purposes vide affidavit No. ------ dated 00/00/0000

Public Notice ad for cases:

  • Board Meeting Notice
  • Agm Notice
  • Postal Ballot Notice
  • Divorce Notice
  • Gift Notice
  • Demand Notice
  • H Form Notice
  • C Form Notice
  • Summons Notice
  • Court Notice
  • Ufr / Afr Notice
  • E Auction Sale Notice
  • Share certificates lost
  • Purchase/Sale of Property
  • Claim against legal heirs of the property
  • Lost your essential documents

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