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    C Forms Lost ads in Newspaper Mumbai

    Publish C Forms Lost ads in 2 Newspapers start from Rs. 750/- onwords*

    • Inform your sales tax office for the lost of C form.
    • Apply for duplicate C Forms
    • Indemnity Bond on Non – judicial Paper
    • Publish ad in English and local language Newspaper
    • Register FIR copy of lost C form.
    • Submit all required documents and Ask issuing duplicate C form to your purchaser.

    Public Notice ad for cases:

    • Board Meeting Notice
    • Agm Notice
    • Postal Ballot Notice
    • Divorce Notice
    • Gift Notice
    • Demand Notice
    • H Form Notice
    • C Form Notice
    • Summons Notice
    • Court Notice
    • Ufr / Afr Notice
    • E Auction Sale Notice
    • Share certificates lost
    • Purchase/Sale of Property
    • Claim against legal heirs of the property
    • Lost your essential documents

    Sample of Legal Notice Ads


    Steps to Placing a Legal Notice in the newspaper

    • Determine the area where your ad needs to run. This maybe your city, state, or in some cases, ads will run in nationwide papers.
    • Contact Us for placing legal notice ads.
    • Give us details regarding your advertisement.
    • Select template ad or we can customise your ad as per your requirement.
    • Now select date when you want to publish your ad.
    • After getting your approval we publish your ad on selected date, city and selected newspaper.
    • Your ad will appear in the newspaper.
    • You will received soft copy of your ad by E-mail.